The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 5 - Tuesday, April 16

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   Today we got a late start, what with laundry to do, Carlton's homework to do, and this website to keep up! But we're all clean, got a lot of homework done, and some email, so off we went to our first encounter, in Sevierville, Tennessee.
   Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum! Wow. Love those cars! Lots of great 60's cars, with lots of horsepower. When you walk into the museum, you can smell the old iron. It's a great place!
    A few from the 50's and 40's, plus one or two that spilled into the 70's, like this great Hemi Cuda. Also saw a recent Corvette, a Viper, and a few other gems that were not so old.
    This, is, of course, one of Elvis' old cars! What museum would be complete without "The King!"
   Coming back from the museum, we saw this!
   We just had to investigate, and we took a little ride.
    This was Carlton's first ride in a chopper, but we both enjoyed it thoroughly!
   Hmmmmm. Seems like fireworks are legal here. Anyone recognize one of these characters from a previous page? This was a fun store, but, since we don't have a place to actually use this sort of weaponry, we had to pass it by. But if we lived here, we would definitely shop here!
   Then on to an amazing junkyard in Blaine, Tennessee. This extensive yard has cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and newer.
   Some of them look restorable!
   Some are in unbelievably bad shape. We saw a TR4 which had the following usuable items: TR4 emblem, tachometer, and oil/fuel,ammeter, and water temperature guages. That's it. That was the most twisted up and mangled car I have seen in a long time. The driver side rear tail light pointed almost straight up!
   This is how two travelers, borrowing some tools from the yard, pull off a couple of parts.
   Yes, we found a 1963 Buick Electra 225 convertible, which had the particular emblem and chrome pieces I have been searching for! For those of you who do not know, I have a 1963 Buick Electra 225, four door hardtop with about 35,000 original miles. That car even has it's own website!
   We thought this little Mercedes was cute! It's the one my sweet wife would like, so here it is, just for her!
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