The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 2 - Saturday, April 13

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 Saturday morning, on the way to Hot Springs, we saw some neat old Buicks and a few other cars.
   Drove thru the "new" part of Hot Springs, then found the wonderful, old Hot Springs. That is steam coming from the fountain, which is water straight from the center of the earth!
   Walked around the old bath houses, then spent 1 1/2 hours doing the hot bath thing. Part relaxation, part torture, it was an experience. There are these wonderul old bath tubs you sit in, and the water comes straight up from middle earth somewhere, hot enough almost to scald you!
   Then it was on the road, with the top up and the a/c on! We needed to be cool after all that heat! The back roads are great - we made great time and saw lots of interesting things. There are many old, dilapadated cars, houses, and buildings out there. We got lucky - drove through a town that was having an old machinery show! We definitely enjoyed that!
   This town also had some interesting memorials.
   Carlton is getting great with the camera - nothing like digital to get instant feedback!
   The Mississippi River and Mamphis were great - a glorious old city on the riverbank.
    We enjoyed a nice dinner there, and then did a little shopping in a mall in the revitalized downtown.
   Besides gorging on chocolate, we stopped in at the gap (did we forget something, maybe, still on hangars in the house?) For $26, including tax, we picked up three shirts! what a deal! got to catch those sales!
   In honor of the bride!!!
   The Civil Rights Museum, appropriately enough, is also here in Memphis. Despite the fact that we could not really figure out where it was and we were accosted by solicitors near this sign, it was closed anyway!
   Lest we forget, Memphis is also the home of Gibson!!!!
   Back on the road, we head east to Jackson, Tennessee. Pulling off, we find a Street Rod meet in the hotel across the street from where we are staying.
   Carlton takes lots of pictures, and the highlight for me was a four door Cadillac from the late 40's that was almost entirely original with about 90,000 original miles on it. We talked to the owner - a young man in his late 20's who really understood what he had. He was pleased to speak with us, since the other hot rodders really did not give his car the respect it deserves!
   From Carlton: I really have enjoyed this trip so far. I have seen a lot of the country and have noted that there are too many bugs. they get all over your windshield and it leaves their juice all over. I have seen many different types of buildings in all kinds of different cites/towns. The architecture and the detail are very interesting. We also drove by a lot of different factories: the bread factory, the Gibson guitar factory, and the best of all the chocolate factory! We have been to many different historical sights and monuments, we wanted to go to the civil rights museum but it was closed for construction!
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