The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 5 - Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Traveling from Statesville, NC to Natural Bridge, VA
Staying at the Herring HallBnB
This is the normal pack. full trunk!
First thing this morning we stopped at the Shelton Vinyards in Dobson, NC
Requisite car picture
Then we drove through Mayberry. Its actually Mt Airy, NC
They really get into it around here
Took a picture of this building and later found the earlier Z parked in front. I think thats a 280
Its the birthplace of Andy Griffith
Sue just loved the Acorns
We stopped for gas just before getting on the blue Ridge Parkway. Never felt so out of place as at the little country store!
This is Mabry Mill, apparently one of the oldest still functional water driven mills
And supposedly one of the most photographed buildings in the country
Love the way they put these old buildings together
The Blue Ridge Parkway is just gorgeous!!!
Requisite car picture
Stopped at the Patrick Henry Hotel, an historic building, for lunch
Look closely at these steps; you can really see the wear on the marble
This is the lobby, and the restaurant. food is FANTASTIC!!!!! Really one of the best meals on the trip.
A little bar menu
This is the outside, upper stories. really a great building
made it to Natural Bridge, and went to a local brewery
had a flight there; really not impressed with the place
And here we are at Herring Hall
This is downtown Lexington, VA. nearby, very historic town
Pretty cool downtown; they have worked really hard to preserve the buildings
They even saved this great neon. love it!!
and, obviously, it is also the home of Washington and Lee University
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