The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 4 - Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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TRaveling from Murphy, NC, to Statesville, NC
Staying at the Kerrhouse BnB
so new and unusual for us to see mountains in the distance when we are driving
just love being around the mountains
and the trees are budding and leafing. its fantastic
driving through North Carolina this time of year is really great
we stoped at Moore Cave and Falls. this is just the stream nearby
its a .7 mile hike to the falls. well worth it
can't get over the rally tall trees here
this is my wonderful wife making the trek
i finally made it to the falls
the falls are quite pretty with lots of water everywhere
this is taken from behind them looking out into the woods
another shot from "inside" the falls
the rock formation in there is quite interesting. i'm thinking its some kind of shale judging from the layering of the rocks
really pretty all around
this is me running through the waterfall!
Back on the road, on the Blue Ridge Parkway!!!
one of my favorite roads
here we are in Statesville, NC
its a beautiful house
and the interior is well appointed
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