The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 6 - Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Traveling from Natural Bridge, VA to Lovingston, VA
We are staying at the Orchard House BnB outside of Charlotesville, VA
This is the entrance to Natural Bridge Park. It is actually a Virginia Park, not a national park. I think its a little overdone.
As you wind your way down to Natural Bridge, you see this stream.
And here is Natural Bridge. on a cloudy day, it's just not that pretty. Impressive, yes.
Its a lot of rock, and an interesting bit of nature, especially when you realize a road goes right over top of it.
As you get the light to play in and around it, it becomes a little more interesting.
Tadpoles!!!!! Tadpoles were a really fun thing for our kids when they were little, so tadpoles have kind of a special place in my heart.
This is the falls at the end of the trail. over millions of years, this little stream ostensibly carved the natural bridge.
As we were walking back, the sun sort of came out. Clearly the time to visit natural bridge is right around sunset, when you can get the play of light and evening colors on the rocks. Nature has not been kind to us on this trip, and today was no exception.
Just to show he wasn't all serious, the father of our country climbed up here and carved his initials in the rock. of course, that was before it became a state park, so i guess that was ok???
Gotta love the usual attractions around Natural Bridge.
All sorts of fun things.
I guess if the state park service had their way, they would have eliminated this bit of kitsch, too, just like they took out Foam Henge
Onward and upward, we headed out to Lexington, VA, the home of Virginia Military Institute.
Driving though the countryside in Virginia
Great fun roads!
This was a stopping place for food and fuel. The place was brutally cold!!!
We made it Monticello. This particular view has been immortalized on the nickel
and this is what the nickel looks like. compare to the photo above
You can just make out University of Virginia at Charlottesville from up on Jefferson's mountain.
Jefferson created great vistas in every direction
And this is our home for the night. we loved it. they really looked after every detail.
As I mentioned before, sunny skies did not exactly follow us. more like the opposite.
On a trip this long, at some point you have to find a laundramat
and grab some dinner while the clothes are washing
In the distance mother nature played the clouds against the mountains
back at the Bed and breakfast, she laid out some fresh baked cookies. excellent!!!
Here Sue models the bathrobe that came with the room
in the morning the world looked a little better, but still no sun
The Orchard House is beautifully situated up on a hill
The vineyard. apparently it is a lot of trouble!!!
Inside the house - interior staircase leading upstairs
a very well furnished and inviting living room
and, the dining room, where we had a wonderful breakfast.
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