The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 8 - Saturday, May 6, 2017

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Traveling from Frederick, MD to West Chester, PA
Staying at the Faunbrook BnB
we stopped at a coffee shop along the way in northern Maryland
they had a ton of different kinds of coffee. the aroma was fabulous
bridge shot taken from a moving vehicle. those guard rails really get in the way!
In case you were inclined to stop in Bird-in-Hand (yes, that is the name of the town) to see a musical
requisite horse and buggy shot; yes we are in Pennsylvania Dutch country
although they could be Mennonite
nice historical covered bridge
I thought the interior structure was pretty interesting
and of course there is a wonderful old mill nearby. such an historic place
we had talked about staying here, but it just did not fit our schedule
so we had to stop by and see it anyway
train ride!!!
this is a sample guest room, inside a caboose
love the bunk beds for the kiddos!!!
This is downtown Lancaster, PA. unfortunately, it was wet and rainy
Table set for guests at the Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast
really lovely old building; the interior is fabulous
a very luxurious old fashioned environment
another interior shot
really nice stairway
the exterior property is also quite something
The Class of 1972 Reunion! it was quite an event!
and this is the very small group who actually made it.
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