The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 3 - Monday, May 1, 2017

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Traveling from Huntsville, AL, to Murphy, NC
Staying at the Hubbard House Mountain Retreat airBnB
ran down here for breakfast
And then it was off to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens
They have a very impressive facilty. and this is just the entrance
a selfie done the old fashioned way
they have a model railroad
I kind of like this guy
Look! the MG club was there
lots of things to see
Sue liked this bottle sculpture
and this is dedicated to Steve K - the super fixit guy
all sorts of fun stuff everywhere
dinosaur framed nicely with a great background
kids playing
I'm a little teapot . . . wait - I'm HUGE!!!
Great picture of Sue
another self portrait with the big rabbit
from there it was on to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga
We drove up instead of taking the tram. i think we kind of missed out
look at this steep descent
Sue took this picture. the contrast is kind of tough
great views from up here
you can see a lot of Chattanooga
back down in the city
we had dinner at the public house - fantastic restaurant
pretty interesting church
these are interio shots of the Hubbard House Mountain Retreat.
This is quite a gem tucked away in the mountains
Mark puts out a really nice spread and has this great apartment he rents out
this is the little kitchenette area. perfect!
Mark loves bear stuff
here it is from the outside. its the garage apartment
really pretty area
He has done it up right!
very nice house! you should come visit Mark. He is a great host.
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