The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 7 - Friday, May 5, 2017

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Driving from Lovingston, VA to Frederick, MD
Staying at the 10 Clarke Bed and Breakfast in Frederick, MD
The wife is a sucker for coffee, especially rich aromatic coffee. Ergo we ended up with these.
We stopped at the battlefield in Winchester, VA. Apparently during the Revolution and several times during the Civil War this was a location for conflict.
requisite car picture
we have been haunted by foul weather the entire trip. today was no exception
We finally made it to Harper's Ferry, WV. Quite a place. very vertical, and at the intersecion of the Potamic and Shanandoah rivers
This is the actual location of the Armory the John Brown took over in 1859, which indirectly led to the Civil War. Unfortunately, it was burned by the fleeing Yankees when the Rebs overran it
This is the river street at the bottom of the hill in Harpers Ferry
There is quite a view of the river
This train bridge has been here for quite some time
as evidenced by this plaque
another view of the bridge; this is actually part pedestrian bridge
and i walked out onto it for some of these pictures
Nice shot of the Catholic Church at the top of the hill
This is an old house that obviously has been here for some time
and yes, I was there!
Looking back down the hill towards the river
Trying to be an artist here, looking up at the church
The Catholic Church steeple. dates from the late 1800s
Notice the drywall construction, and how it integrates the existing rock from the mountain
And here we are at 10 Clarke Street in Frederick
I started looking around, and realized there is a whole block of these things
Looking in both directions there are these great old houses
Just great old houses
This is the stairway in the house going up to the third floor
Here is one of the bathrooms with a great claw foot tub
Big old wardrobe in one of the rooms
This is the main staircase going down to the first floor
again, the staircase
These houses are really great all together
We walked down into the entertainment district, passing these lovely buildings
and here is my lovely wife in front of one of them
gotta be a clown every now and then
more great buildings
this is where we had dinner, up on the second floor balcony. this is the FireStone Restaurant in Frederick
and here we are, about to enjoy a fantastic dinner
this is obviously the outside of the FireStone Restaurant
Had a glass of Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary. It was the last pour so I actually received a little more than the specified 2 ounces. It was quite good.
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