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1959 Triumph TR3A


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12/23/2018 we had known about this car for some time. We had danced around buying it, spoken to the owners a number of times, and although we aren't quite ready for another car, they contacted us and said they were moving in January. It was now or never. I guess now works!
It had been in a garage for many years, towed from one garage to another each time they moved.
That's why the tow bar on the front. Last time the car was driven was 1981 or 1982. This was his first car!
The best story about this car is about the hardtop. He'd had it for many years.
Apparently, back in the 70's, when these were just old cars, he spotted a derelict car by the side of the road.
As young people sometimes do, he figured there was no reason for that hardtop to go to waste. It was likely that that car was junkyard bound. He's had it ever since. I'm not sure why/when the rear window left.
Looks like the dashboard and steering wheel are in pretty good shape. not sure why the turn signals are off center
The interio, i.e., the seats, panels, etc., are pretty much shot
Here's the title. what fun!
This is the paint used to paint it. supposedly still good?????
On the trailer ready to go
Perhaps a little far foward. That will be corrected later.
Nice side shot of the car.
Trailer location corrected.
Seats. not so good, but they are there.
Never opened original top. not sure if that will be any good now. We will see.
Interior - at least it has the original metal transmission cover.
Interior is going to need some work!
1/6/2019 Happy New Year!!! Today, after having hit it with PB Blaster once or twice daily, i was able to reach down and, by grabbing onto the fan blade, turn the engine just a little bit!!!! That is such big news!!!!
Last legally registered in 1982
Metal transmission tunnel - pretty much no rust.
Look closely - this was an original overdrive car.
See the overdrive unit? The solenoid is right there!
here it is fromthe other side
This is where the fuse box and other electrical stuff was.
engine compartment
Engine turns over and valves move click on this link to see the valves move and the engine turning over
engine compartment
Here's the dizzy and wires
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