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1973 MGB Windscreen


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The idea was to put together, easily (OK - and cheaply) a windscreen for the car. My wife and I were both tired of being blown to bits when out in the car - it really took away from the enjoyment.
Well, this is what I came up with. Thought about it quite a bit before diving in. Spent about $7 on parts, mostly on paint. I had the plexiglass, the pvc, and the glue around for the sprinkler system (they are as bad as British cars!)
I did break the first piece of plexiglass I cut, but had enough to go ahead and finish the job. Notice the arc along the bottom - it is not flat. That is the way it sits, so I tried to match it.
I've used the hoodstick cover support for this. Obviously you can't do both, but for me its a no brainer. And, the existing bracket and rods made it so easy!
See the bolt that goes both of them - critical! Or the screen will just fold over onto the headrests and not do you any good. And, notice the damage to the vertical piece - that's what happens when you glue and paint, then drill. I need to go back and touch that up.
I've been told that it would look better with black tie wraps. Probably; I'm looking for the right length/color combination - I think they need to be 5" if I remember correctly.
You'l see that I used a cross or four pipe connector. My original idea was that it could stand on the floor. That was not a good idea! Then I hit on this configuration. Much better.
The width of the windscreen was dictated by the piece of plexi I had on hand. It could be wider, or probably shorter. This works just fine.
In order to put the top up, you have to remove this. Then you have to break it down and at least pull out one of the metal rods or it won't fit in the car anywhere except the passenger seat! But you can leave the one rod attached to the window, or whatever you want. It's easy - took me maybe an hour to do this, not including painting and allowing to dry.
Well, I finally broke down, took it all apart again, repainted it, and put in black tie wraps. Yes, it does look much better!
Guess I should have done that sooner! I think its done now! Time to go for a drive!
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