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1967 Datsun 1600 Roadster "FairLady"

Front Courtesy/Blinker Gaskets


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OK. After media blasting them, I painted the lights with Rustoleum silver chrome. Call me crazy, but I like it! I'm going to do that to the rear light fixtures as well.
Here are the measurements you need. 1" for the inside circle; 1 7/8" outside diameter.
Use a compass to scribe the lines on rubber; this is 1/16" rubber sheet from the hardware store. I've also been using that where ever I'm attaching anything to the car body to protect the paint. Useful stuff, and cuts easily.

After scribing the two lines, I used scissors to cut it. Amateur, I know.
Here is what they look like after they've been cut out of the sheet, but before I cut the centers out. You can see my cardboard template in the background; I think its a good idea to do that first just to be sure. Its also what I used to be sure I had the mounting holes in the right place. I believe they are exactly 1/3 or 120 degrees apart. I also happen to have an old hole punch - it was my grandfather's out on his farm in Iowa. I used that to do the mounting holes.
And, here is what they look like installed before the lenses were screwed on.
As soon as I do the tail lights, I'll post it.
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