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Documenting The Drive!!!

Read the story or click to enlarge! Read the story or click to enlarge!
Hmmmm. Who is this??? Our fearless navigator and sometimes chauffeur! This is the man (me) who is totally responsible for the trip, and the content of this website. Soldier on!!

We left about 9:00 AM, and headed north A(and slightly east). Up out of Texas and into Oklahoma (Oinklahoma).
Our first stop, for gas, etc. Welcome to Oklahoma, the home to many Indian tribes, beautiful scenery, and some cool Junkyards. We passed one (my wife was driving, so we did not stop for a picture) that had two rather rusty Ford Cortinas!!!! We have seen some other interesting old iron, but, sad to say, I just was not keeping up with the camera. So you will have to imagine it for yourself!

We also saw some beautiful lakes, forest, and hills. And, unlike Dallas, only two moronic drivers.
If you read the prelude, you knew we had a goal to find my wife's grandfather's house in Muskogee. He was a prolific builder and architect there.

Well, despite the best intentions of MapQuest (whose instructions were awful), we had some trouble finding it. We did find this interesting place, not quite Fair Park, but, for Muskogee, pretty impressive!
And yes, I have a 13 year old who is fascinated by anything to do with cars. Even this.
This is it. My wife's grandfather's house. Modest and unimposing, like him. This is where he lived for many years, and no doubt saw the neighborhood decline from its modest middle class origins to what can best described as a transitional one.
This is an interesting story, perhaps a little frightening, too. We saw the smoke from the road, and I wanted my kids to see up close what a fire really did, and what it looked like up close. So we followed the smoke, and found this. We took a picture, then noticed one of the owners??? coming in our direction. He jumped in his pickup, and followed up for a mile or two.

He pulled along side of us with his window open, but we don't know what he wanted. We just kept going.

The kids were terrified!!! After he turned around, they hugged each other and said "we're alive!!!"
This was an interesting and fun side trip. We did not know about it, but saw some bilboards (don't you love billboards???)

So we headed off to Bernice, Missouri (where is that?), and checked it out.
Don't I have gorgeous kids??? Anyway, here they are outside of the museum. What a place!!! Cars of the most incredible description!!! All modified, hot rodded, lowered, chopped, etc. What a place!!!

And, for those of you who do not know my lovely wife, here she is (below) beside one of the interesting cars in the museum! I highly recommend a visit here - you won't believe the artistry of these cars!!!
And, in my usual way of reporting on interesting places to eat around the countryside, here is quite a find. It's Dowd's Catfish House, in Neosho, MO, and Bentonville AR. We were in Neosho.

They have catfish fried, baked, with lemon and pepper, and blackened, to name a few. These are not wild, but carefully farm raised, delicious catfish excellently and tastily prepared to your specification. And, if you have a group, you can order a platter! It's great.

Comes with a side of pickled green tomatoes, cole slaw, and beans. All excellent. We highly recommend this place. One caveat, though, don't stray to the steak. It's downright poor. My daughter loved her grilled cheese sandwich, though. Reviews at the table on the French Fries were mixed - I thought they were soggy and not very tasty. Everyone else thought they were great and tasted "homemade."

Go figure!
And, here we are, one happy family, enjoying the meal!!
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