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Yeah. It was Six Flags at St. Louis today! What a park! The day dawned wet, but not really raining. We watched and we hoped, and we hit the road.

First, a comment about MapQuest. Usually right on the money, having lead us to many an out of the way place, but, not always right. It was wrong at Lake of the Ozarks, and it was really wrong here. Wrong side of the highway, and wrong exit. Wrong direction, too. But we found it anyway!!!
Six Flags. Incredible engineering, thrills, lines, you've been there! They all share something in common, that agonizing wait, then the rush, the excitement, and the big smiles!!!

Carlton and I rode Mr. Freeze, Batman, and The Boss. Intense G's, and a lot of bouncing around. Then we all stopped for a family lunch, which everyone except me thought was pretty good. Guess my taste in hamburgers just is not like the rest of the family.
At this point, note that the weather is grey, cool, and very good. After lunch the sun came in and out, so we hit Hurricane Harbor!

Way cool! This is a pretty fun area, lots of water rides, plus the wave pool, which, btw, the kids thought was great! I thought the water was too cold! And, wave pool - boring!
But, the rides, the tube down the stream, that was fun! Here is Summerlin and I coming down, having a great time in the water. We took some other great slides, one of which was in a dark, winding tube, with lots of water to push you along!
Then, after enough water, we went back to riding rides. Here is a great shot of Sue and the kids on a whirly ride. Doesn't that look like fun? I don't ride those whirly things, so I could man the camera.
Finally, the end of the day. Six Flags St. Louis is in a lovely location, nestled into the wooded hills. Very pretty!

But, a note of sadness for me. It's Wednesday evening, we've been on the road for six days, and tomorrow is our last day of real fun. Friday we are on to Charleston, then a hard, 14 hour drive home in two cars in two days. But it's been great; the kids are having an unbelievable time, so . . .
Thank goodness for pools! The kids had a great swim; I swam and hit the hot tub, and even Sue spent some time in the water. It was a hard day for us all - walking up and down hills (we're from Texas, remember?), then being bounced around in man made contraptions! Time to relax, do a little home work (i.e., this web site), and get a good night's sleep.
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