The Big Trip

Documenting The Drive!!!

Read the story or click to enlarge! Read the story or click to enlarge!
First stop - The Auto World Car Museum in Fulton, MO. This is actually in an old Wal Mart building. A wonderful facility, although they have the cars lined up back to back, and roped off so you cannot take a close look at the ass end of them. But, a great piece of history, and not only cars.

But they had a couple of MG's, many great American pieces like La Salle and Cadillac, a DeLorean, which many of us think is simply unfortunate all the way around, plus, as you can see, trains, clothes, farm implements, a smidgeon of literature, etc.
We went on a river cruise (of course, this is St. Louis!) The two river boats were named, of course, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher! Why not? Anyway, we saw some interesting things on the cruise, and enjoyed being out on the great Mississippi River.
Then, St. Louis and the arch. What amazing engineering, what an incredible "thing"!!!

I love this thing; I think it's one of the greatest creations of all times, certainly of modern engineering and architecture!
Then we went up in it! Wow! What a view. See those tiny little river boats? That's Tom and Becky. No joke!
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