The Big Trip

Documenting The Drive!!!

 Read the story or click to enlarge!  Read the story or click to enlarge!
   first we went to the transportation museum in St. Louis. Just a couple cars, but we were not disappointed.
  They had an unbelievable selection of trains! Yes, real, live, full scale trains.

Plus, the museum is on the grounds of one of the first train tunnels built west of the Mississippi - over 150 years ago!
   We played in some, admired many, then were able to actually walk through a restored set of parlor, dining, sleeping (Pullman type), kitchen, and smoking cars. What a treat! They also had a plane or two and a tugboat.
 Then it was north to Hannibal!

That means going through Louisiana! Louisiana, Missouri, that is!!!
   Of course, you all know Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Becky Thatcher, and the rest of the crew, brought to us by Mark Twain, aka Samuel Clemens. We went by the cave, but decided not to partake. We did, however, take a few pictures!
 Seems like everything near and around Hannibal tries to cash in on the stories written by Mark Twain!  
   Or at least his name!!! How would you like to have a diner named after you???
 We saw the house where the inspiration for Becky Thatcher lived, the home of Clemens, climbed up to the top where the lighthouse is, and generally partook of history.  
   This is the lighthouse! It was quite a climb!!!
 Then to downtown itself, all the while breathtaking vistas of the Mississippi.  
 Then north to, you won't believe this - the home of my mother. Yes, on to Burlington, Iowa, where Dr. and Mrs. Pearson raised their family. This is the old house, and this is the old town.  
   We went by the old park where we used to play. Most of the equipment is gone, but the wonderful curly q slide is still there. According to the sign, it is a 1920's design, and was restored in 2000.
   Except for the swings, all the other play equipment is gone. It too was as wonderful as this colossus! So we all went down it and took pictures. (Sorry about the flash glare!)
 Just a side here! This is snake alley, purported to be the most crooked street in the whole world!!! Just another Burlington peculiarity!

Then we ran by the airport, which my kids could not believe. There is one small building, smaller than a Friday's restaurant, and a couple of turbo prop planes. You walk out to the plane, they take your bag, and then you climb up the ladder into the plane.
   Finally on to the hotel, with a great indoor pool setting. Just by coincidence, this is the exact hotel where all the cousins and aunts and uncles and other 'rels used to stay. I recognized it instantly from my second floor pool facing balcony room! The very same!!!!! A walk back in time!
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