The Big Trip

Documenting The Drive!!!

 Read the story or click to enlarge!  Read the story or click to enlarge!
   Hey! It's all about cars, right??? Here it is, decked out in it's warm weather fashion! I drove it yesterday with the top down, and that was TOO hot! So today we try the open windows and open rear window. Even so, my upper left arm got a bit sunburned. But, we made it!!!
 Here we are, clowning around at Texarkana! This is where the two states meet. It's funny, if you think about it, in all respects, Texas dwarfs the states that surround it. At least we did not produce Bill Clinton!

I know, we *did* produce Ron Kirk. Oh, well.
   This is one of the very few cities that actually straddles two states. Right down the middle of town! And, we should mention, Sue's father was from Texarkana. Definitely the Texas side!
 Those of you who are familiar with the last trip will recognize this setting. Now I have two pictures of cars by this sign. Should I go for more????

Next stop, Dallas! No pictures needed there!!! Or, go to my home page!
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