The Big Trip

Documenting The Drive!!!

 Read the story or click to enlarge!  Read the story or click to enlarge!
 Friday - first a sumptuous breakfast buffet, compliments of the hotel! I love this country! Then on to the cemetery, which was closed last night, to find my grandparents graves.  
   The cemetery was wet, quiet, and, well, cemetery like. It was a difficult time for me - seeing my grandparents' graves after almost 20 years! Plus, knowing that it is highly unlikely that I would ever be there again.
 On the road again, into the sunshine and across this wonderful piece of engineering. What a bridge! Into Illinois, and Charleston!  
   Why, it's the Griswolds in the Griswold family truckster! We found this lousy little truck stop just south of where 55 and 57 meet, to wait for my brother in his infamous boxter! Four years old, and 22,000 miles. His son Matt claims it's really just a monument, that sits in the garage under a cover!
 Ah, another hotel. Rest and respite, plus a good swim! And yes, we were all surprised, when we were splashing about we heard a distinctive British automobile growl! Why look! It's a cool car! A TR6. Not our TR6? YES!!! It's our TR6, with Mark Pelham (the true hero of the story) at the wheel!

Read Saturday for the story continuation!
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