The Big Trip

Documenting The Drive!!!

Had a few problems with the links - it's fixed!!!

I have everything done now!! I may update some pages in the next days.


For those of you who are tuning in late, here's the scoop: This was the classic 1950's car trip. The typical nuclear family, Mom, Dad, one boy, one girl, off exploring the midwest from their base in Dallas! Here's the trip; day by day, presented for my friends and family!
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On to Oink-la-homa! We're heading out in the family Truckster! Could it be the Griswolds???? First stop (more or less) will be Muskogee, OK! I know, what's there??? Well, my grandfather-in-law's house! We are going to find it, photograph it, and you will see it here!

Then we head northeast, into Missouri!

On to Misery! Next stops are Auto World Car Museum, and J&M Salvage Yard. You *knew* this was a car trip, right???

On to Rolla, Missouri! Memoryville, U.S.A., and Route 66 Motors! More cars!!! And, from what I understand, there is a car event tonight in Rolla. Wouldn't miss it!!

OK. We did cars. I'm happy. Now we are going to do waterfront condo and chill out (make the wife happy!) We are staying at the Edgewater Resort and Marina. I hope its as good as it's namesake!!

More chill. Maybe more pictures. Probably not cars, but happy kids and water. Maybe even a happy wife!!!

Ah, farewell is such sweet sorrow. (Didn't know I was literate, did you?) Goodbye Lake of the Ozarks, and on to St. Louis.

Can't wait to see the arch again! One of my favorite things!!!

Look out! Six Flags over Mid America!!! How cool! Want to make a memorable trip for your kids? Take them to Six Flags. They will spend six hours waiting in line and one hour riding rides. Don't worry - they will only remember the rides!

Then it's on to Hannibal, the cave, and all that Mark Twain stuff!!!

And for the sentimentalist, it's up to Burlington, Iowa, where my mother was born and grew up. Back to the roots!
 Head south, we're on the backside of the trip!

Ever been to Charleston, Illinois? Us neither. But we are going. It's supposedly the little league capital of the world. Hmm. That is NOT why we are going.

We are visiting a favorite friend - Mark Pelham.

And, having dinner with my brother and his son. very cool!


Into the state of u-annoys!

Cairo, Memphis, who knows??? Then to r-kansas . . .
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