The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 6 - Wednesday, April 17

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   Today we drove through the blue ridge mountains, spending about two hours on the blue ridge parkway.
   A wonderful road for drivers, it winds and turns, goes up and down.
   Lots of shifting up, shifting down, braking, accelerating, and in general taking advantage of the wonderful properties of the sports car!

 Of course, we had to stop and take pictures, enjoy the scenery, and let a great 12 year old get out of the car and stretch his legs. Then again, this was also hard driving, so I enjoyed the breaks too!
Hall of Shame

 This award goes to the Kaliedescope Cafe, in Brennan, Virginia, in the Roanoke Valley. The food was slightly above horrible - imagine a grilled chicken sandwich using (was it really chicken?), American cheese, and canned mushrooms??? Serving lemonade that was slightly lemon flavored sugar water? What a horrible experience!!!!
   Some photo ops you just can't pass up! This one is outside of Roanoke Virginia, near the Natural Bridge area. And, yes, it is an Exxon station!
   We passed by this gem as well. Sometimes you just can't get enough kitsch!!
   Don't you just love these places? Too bad this place is no longer in business!
   Happened to stop at a KMart around supper time, and well, couldn't pass up their Wednesday special!

After dinner, we headed north to Antietem (Sharpsburg).
   This was Longstreet's headquarters while at Antietem. An interesting battlefield; this occurred in the city of Sharpsburg. Battlefields are interesting places. Full of history, and, if you look for it, there is an emotional shadow hanging over it. Some even say that ghosts still lurk in these areas.

 Walking around the battlefield, there are many things that strike you. It all seems incomprehensible a century later.

 The monuments are quite impressive, and there is too much too read and comprehend all at once. It just goes on and on!

 It was close to sunset when we arrived. Perhaps a fitting backdrop to this hallowed ground.
   Ahh,finally, the end of a long day. The relaxation of a clean hotel room! What more do you need besides a warm pool? A little Nintendo, anyone? Notice this one has mastered the art of beating off the multi-headed invaders while talking on a cell phone at the same time. Hmmm.
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