The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 9 - Wedding Day, Saturday, April 20

 Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged picture!  Here is the story!
   It was an interesting beginning to what I am sure will prove to be an interesting life! The weather could best be described as "iffy!"
   We had the unmbrellas handy; they were in the midst of calling it and moving indoors. But Mother Nature smiled kindly upon these two and this wonderful family.
   We moved ahead! Many of us were conscripted to wipe off wet chairs. We moved with a mission - the wedding must go on!
   There she is - the mother of the bride - isn't she beautiful? And that is her hunky son! The bride herself must not be far behind!
   Why look! It's a wedding fairy! I could be prejudiced, but I think this little girl is stealing the show!
   And here she is! The bride on the arm of her very handsome father! What a ceremony this is turning out to be! Note the handmade headdress, the exquisite use of feathers! The wonderful dress! This woman is truly an artist! This will be a wedding to remember!
   The crowd stands for the bride! There would be applause, except that would be tacky! The weather is holding (we think)! Mother Nature is pleased!
   Hmmm. Hold that thought. We hold our breaths - the umbrellas come out. Resolute as real life, we move forward with the ceremony! The crowd loves it!
   The weather clears; the ceremony continues. They are pronounced Man and Wife! It's time for the mandatory PDA at the end of the ceremony! This time the crowd does applaud - they simply could not hold back!
   It is time for jubilation for all! The bride and groom, now married, walk back down the aisle, together, joined now and forever more! Their joy is evident on their faces!
   It's time for tears and hugs, smiles and handshakes! And, of course, bubbles!
   Now it's time for pictures. And more pictures. And more pictures. I think Kodak would be proud of the amount of film that was used here, and that's just after the wedding!
   Here is the lovely bride, surrounded by her Mother and Uncles. Ain't we cute!
   Yum! This is the best part - the wedding cake! This unusual cake was full of wonderful frosting and fresh fruit! A wonderful idea, and tasty, too!
   And finally, the last little wonderful part of the ceremony, where the bride and groom feed each other a piece of cake. This wonderful, romantic little gesture will live on in our hearts and memories as we wish this wonderful couple a long and happy union!
   But - the adventure continues, as these two head south in the little red car! See you in two weeks!

And so ends this series of postings. I plan to revise the earlier pages over the next week or so, but the framework is complete. I'll update the earlier pictures with thumbnails so you can get better resolution. I will also be adding some pictures that I think you should see.

Thanks again for tuning in! Feel free to email me with any questions or comments!

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