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Day 7 - Thursday, April 18

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   This is the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum, the start of our adventure today.
    We took the bus tour, with an absolutely fabulous guide.
    Be sure to ask for Dave Richards - he was excited, enthusiastic, and made the battle come alive for us! Thank you, Dave!
   This is Little Round Top. Recently (before the battle) it had been cleared of trees by a farmer, and was a pivotal point due to its view of the area.
   This is the view from Little Round Top looking across and to the right out into some of the battlefield area. Cannons mounted up here commanded the entire battlefield. Unfortunately, soldiers stationed up here were targets of snipers located down in Devil's Den.
   This was the New York monument, up on Little Round Top. It was huge!
   And here we are up in it! You could climb up in it!
   This unusual statue is General Longstreet, the second in command on the confederate side. Note that it is sitting directly on the ground with no pedastal.
   Gettysburg was the site of the bloodiest battle of the civil war, and except for Fort Sumter, the most important.
   It was here that Federal troops battled Confederate troops for three hot days, resulting in the confirmation that the south could not and would not win.
   There was a viewing tower (quite a climb) which helped you see the battlefield. Attempting to visualize the battle is, I am afraid, impossible the average tourist. I think it would take months of study to really picture the events here!
   The trees were just starting to bloom over this very large site.
   The site has many monuments to soldiers, generals, regiments, etc. They range from inspired to insipid. This is the Texas Monument, specifically for my sweet wife!
   Carlton took this. It is my favorite picture of the day.
   Just to ensure you knew that I was the Master of Kitsch - this is where we ate - it's north of Gettysburg. Somewhere!
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