The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 3 - Sunday, April 14

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   Here we are, ready to go on Sunday morning. You can see it's a little bleak out there, but we have the top down anyway. We are ready for whatever comes!
   Driving in the weather was not too bad; my copilot was a little cold, but as long as we kept moving we were ok. Dreary, wet, and not a great morning until we happened on Fort Donelson!
   Fort Donelson is located really out in the boonies, not near any major city.
   They have an impressive visitors center, an audiovisual presentation, and a number of interesting exhibits.
   It is an impressive place, with monuments to those who fought and died here. It is certainly an important chapter in our history, and marked a turning point in the civil war.
   The Confederates, knowing the importance of this location, built a fort there, primarily using earthworks instead of stone. These earthworks have survived for over a century, through careful maintenance of the National Park Service. Originally made of dirt piled on logs, there are now trees throughout an area which was once cleared for defensive purposes.
   Unfortunately for the Confederates, Fort Henry nearby, and then Fort Donelson, fell rather quickly and opened up the rivers, and hence the South, to the Union forces. It was here that a young general named Ulysees S. Grant, made both a name and a nickname for himself, demanding that the only terms of surrender be unconditional!
   It overlooks the Cumberland River and from a strategic perspective it was quite critical in the days when river and rail were the two major forms of transportation.
   We enjoy driving the back roads, but sometimes it can be just a little weird! Imagine being greeted by this cluster of signs, located in northern Tennessee, near the Kentucky border!
   Finally, Bowling Green, home of Holley, the performance masters, and, of course, the Corvette Museum and plant, one of the highlights of the trip! (For those of you who don't know, Holley makes high performance carburetors).
   Tomorrow is the big day!!! We get a tour of the Corvette factory at 10:00, and then a VIP tour of the museum!!! We can't wait!!!
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