The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 4 - Monday, April 15

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Big day today!!!! We are getting a tour of the Corvette Plant and Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

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   This is the Corvette plant in Bowling Green. A sprawling, industrial complex where one of the best sports cars in the world is very carefully made. They are very serious about quality here.
   They are also very serious about Corvettes here! This is the entrance to the office area, where, if you are special (i.e., you drive a Corvette), you get special parking. Now, in the regular parking area, we did see quite a few cars and trucks that were not Corvettes, and even some non-GM products (imagine that!), we did not see a single foreign car. Hmmm. Not surprising!
   Then it was on to the Corvette Museum! A very interesting collection of the history, memorabilia, and related information about this very interesting automobile.
   Now, before you get on a high horse about American originality, just remember that this is the car that inspired it all. Yes, it was those GI's bringing home their MG's after WWII that inspired all of this! Those spindly looking, underpowered, yet fun to drive little British sports cars that sparked the whole sports car revolution in America!
    Although I think that today this is a dubious claim, perhaps then it was. Certainly a very fast and popular one, anyway. Of course, many would consider the Corvair, the Cobra, the Mustang, and Camaros in that class.
   For all you underage drivers, this Corvette is just your size!
   This is my favorite - a 1967 Corvette convertible. Note the hood scoop - that tells you it is a 427 cubic inch engine. Lots of horsepower, lots of torque, lots of speed. Hmm. Wonder how well it stops . . .
   This is how Carlton would look driving a new Corvette. Maybe someday!
   Did not quite know how to transition here. Maybe a shot of the car driving off into the sunset! Anyway, we moved on after the museum and went to Diamond Cave.
   This was an interesting tour, although our tour guide was either hungover, or totally lacking in enthusiasm, or both. Well, we enjoyed the tour anyway, and seeing the inside of the cave. This particular shot is supposed to resemble the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. See it?
   Of note is that during the depression of the 30's, people in competing caves would pay scoundrels to damage other people's caves, to make their own better by comparison. Our history is rich in both good and bad!
   This one is for the Roadside Attractions book!
   Then we went onto the Cumberland Tollway. We thought we would immortalize our toll boot collector!
   Drove some more through the mountains! Then we finally made it to our hotel on the east side of Knoxville.

Coop a 12 year old up in a car much of the day, put him near a pool, and watch out!
    Special thanks to:

  • Pat Crane, Retired (from GM)
  • Susan Sweeney (GM)
  • Michelle Bunker (GM)
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