The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

Day 1 - Friday, April 12

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   The car - turbocharged 1993 Mercury Capri! Top down all the way!!!
   Next stop -Hot Springs, AR.
   Leaving Dallas was a challenge - Thursday night I had a client that needed some help, and Friday morning another Client had a connectivity problem. Plus Carlton was late getting out of school. Having said all that, we did make it, about 3:45 in the afternoon. We headed out Interstate 30, enjoying the freedom, the sunshine, and just being on the road together.

 Our first stop was this auto repair/restoration? shop, where we saw some interesting old cars.
    And close to it was this army navy type store, with an interesting plane out front. Unfortunately, it was closed. Back on the road!
   This is where we stopped for dinner. We had stopped at a different place first, but it turned out to be a biker bar. We thought the food might not be so good!
   Took us a few hours, but we made it to Arkansas!
   Then to Texarkana, standing at the Texas Arkansas line. One of the funniest moments was in Texarkana - we are standing in the middle of the street taking pictures of this split, and a guy in a pickup drives up and asks us if we were from around here!! He was lost, and I was still able to help him!

 The War Memorials in Texarkana.

Worst moment of the trip so far - Friday night, it's dark, it's getting late, and we smell burning wires. This is not good! We look at the guages, nothing peculiar there. We decide to pull off at the next exit, which, apparently, is quite a distance away. I slow down dramatically and we hope for the best. The burning smell starts to dissipate. We think that maybe it was not us after all. I start to speed up. The smell returns. Now I am worried. I start thinking I better hurry, so I pull out to pass the truck and trailer in front of us. As soon as I get even with the truck, the smell goes away. We look at each other, sigh, and I keep going. The smell never returns.
   Friday night we made it to Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Carlton calls it R-kansas! Works for me! Did the usual nightly car wash - this is something I learned from the Wilson Northrup school of cross country driving! There were a ton of bugs on the front!
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