The Big Trip - Documenting The Drive!!!

For those of you who are tuning in late, here's the scoop: Several months ago, my niece announced her intention to marry! We of course congratulated her decision! The wedding is to take place in Madison, NJ. My 12 year old son, Carlton, and I decided to drive from Dallas, Texas, leaving on Friday, April 12th, arriving in Madison on Friday March 19th. Along the way we plan to have many adventures, see a few instructive sights, but mostly to search out new sites, places, and culinary adventures! And, just to top it off, my niece (Jillian) and her finace (Jeffrey), were going to rent a car and drive to New Orleans for their honeymoon. We worked out a deal - they will be delivering my car to Dallas in about two weeks so I can fly home!!!! So we will be home on Sunday, April 21st!
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