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Trip to 6 Pack TRials

from Dallas to Tuscaloosa to Townsend!

Pictures! Click to enlarge The story. Clicking will do nothing.
Here is the car, up in the air. Am doing final tranny and diff checking. I'll be ready tomorrow!
This is what i had to deal with on the trip. Rain, rain, rain. Lots of rain. And the car leaks.
Here is my wonderful copilot, beaming. She did a great job of getting us there despite the wet interior.
Gas prices. Don't know if they will look good or bad, but that's what they were!
Here we are, packed and ready for day two. Hoping for better weather!
This is where the copilot changed! Picked up my studious University of Alabama son. Roll Tide!!!!
This is the Tail of The Dragon!!! This road just rocks!
This is the tree of shame. Everytime a bike gets totalled, a piece of it ends up on this tree.
Back on the Tail of the Dragon.
We stopped at a stream to take a break.
We got up early on Friday to to watch the sun rise. It was quite gorgeous.
Time went slowly as the sun came up.
More pictures. we took bunches!!!
More pictures.
This is the car - great to drive in the mountains, and not bad on the highway.
More driving on the Dragon!
This is the man, at the wheel. He's good!
Here we are at Deal's gap. Great place for breakfast, especially when you are starved, and have been waiting for the sun to come up.
Cars, mountains, family. what more could you ask?
Aren't we cute together?
Here we are at the Deal's Gap motorcyle/gift shop/restaurant place. We overwhelmed them!!!!
And here is the mallard green car, in good company. Looking good and ready to go again!
Here are the cars lined up for the car show. You will notice that it is a grassy hill. It was wet, and freshly cut.
Yeah. It looks pretty but getting the cars lined up was awful. It's nice to have it on grass instead of concrete, but I don't think it was a very good idea. Cars got stuck, and wet cut grass was on everything.
But it was a nice lineup, although honestly, how many TR6's and TR250's can you look at in one morning? Yeah, they're different, but they are also very much the same. I prefer variety!
On the trip home, as in the middle of Mississippi, the fuel pump went out. Isolated it pretty quickly, and put this in. Cost me about an hour.

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