Tosh the Dog

The Little Dog That Now Lives With Us

 This is the little guy. Part Schnuasser, part Yorkie, part ??, Who knows! He was about three months old when he arrived on Thanksgiving, and now, at Christmas 2004, he is four months old. We weighed him a week or so ago, and he came in at about nine pounds!  
 Above is his mistress, Summerlin, and this is Carlton, who obviously also loves him! If there is one thing he gets plenty of around here, it's love!  
 Once again here is Carlton holding him; on the right he tries to pose in amidst the Christmas presents!  
 Classic shot here - dog in picnic basket - "Toto - I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" And then here he is ferociously attacking a tennis ball container!  
 What is it with dogs and sticks????  
 Dogs, kids, and the great outdoors in the fall playing among the leaves.  
 There must be something he really likes about this stick! It's way too big for him!  
 Yes, more pictures of the dog and his stick. Couldn't convince him to pose with anything else!  
 Dog, stick, dog, dog, stick, stick, dog, etc  
Bath time in a bucket!!! What fun (well, not for him!)
It's funny how much a dog's hair goes into his overall look!
Now we're going for the cute, adorable look!
More cutsey pictures!!!! Who could resist??
You can see why he's such a hit in the family!
Just adorable!
Ready for a drive in the MG!!! And then tackling everything - he can chew it!!!
Here he is active, and zonked. His two favorite states!!!!
Here he's getting up off the pillow where he'd been resting. He likes to lie on soft things on the floor, or even better, on couches, chairs, laps, etc
He likes to pose for the camera. I think he's secretly vain!
Posing again, then giving kisses to the alpha dog!
Check out the tongue! How about that!
1/21/2009 - Here he is, with his owner. They are both cute!
Recently we took Tosh on a college trip, to see where he might like to apply.
He really seemed to like the University of Alabama.
He liked the Denny chimes! Here we are posed for a group picture.
Traveling long distances by car just didn't seem to be his cup of tea. We even wondered if he got car sick.

Click on the links below for youtube videos of Tosh

Tosh on YouTube

Tosh and the helicopter

These were taken in March of 2013. He's 7 now, I think.