the master pool cleaner at work
   Present Arms!!!!
   This is what the slimy dirty mess looked like when we started!!!
   Here he is, busily eradicating the disaster!!!
   This is what it should look like! Now it needs to be replastered, and then painted.
   Time for some skateboarding!!!
   Whoops! But its still fun!
   skating. that's what pools are really for.
   skate dog mascott!
   up and back down!
   Looks like we lost one!
   wait! he's alive and well! and pugnacious!
   skate brothers!
   skate on, brother!
   take those walls!
   up and back down!

   doing the walls!
   Higher and higher!!!
   wipe out!!!!!!
   Back at it!!!
   keep on skating!
   and skating!!!!