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Who am I ? ? ?


I have always loved cars, and my dad has always discouraged this.

I'm close to 50, been very happily married for 16+ years to the best woman in the whole world, and have two absolutely fabulous great kids, ages 9 and 12! You will see them in the following pages! At work, I am a network consultant fixing computers, servers, etc.

Now, back to cars! My first car, in 1970, was a 64 Opel Kadette station wagon. I actually wrecked that, and bought a 64 Opel Kadette 2 door sedan within a few months. Then I sold that, and did not own a car until a 1973 (new) Plymouth Duster, which my father bought for me. Funny car! Had it until 1979, when I let the oil get too low and it threw a rod in Champagne-Urbana, Illinois.

Carless for a while, I found a 54 Chevy 4-door sedan which I kept for about 6 or 8 months before selling it for about what I paid for it. There's a lesson there. I also distinctly remember that it was far more fun looking for a car than owning it!

Then I had a 79 Chevy Monza, then an 83 Pontiac Fiero, which was stolen, and then an 84 Dodge Daytona (turbocharged). Awesome beast with bad torque steer! Kept that until the 90 Ford Taurus SHO (a car similar in breeding to the Contour I now have). The 90 and 91's were the best years for that car!

Then in 92 gave that to my wife, sold her car (85 Saab), and bought a 59 Chevy. Drove that for about a year as a daily driver, then bought the 93 Mercury Capri.

Fast forward a few years, bought the Contour in October of 2000, then the first Triumph in January 2001. Somehow this was followed by a second Triumph in December of 2001. Then, in July of 2004 another Triumph came our way.

The Contour was totalled in September of 2004 (very sad - we all loved that car) and then I bought a Subaru WRX STI which I am in the process of selling. It was always my dream car, but it just is not right for my daily driver. I'm looking at Hondas, thinking I may buy a new one and just drive it for 10 years! We will see!

The wife had a Saab when I met her in 85, we sold that in 92 or 93; she totaled the Taurus in 96 and we bought a Kia Sportage, and then traded that for the van in October 2001. She put 50,000 miles on that in less than two years, plus a cracked windshield and numerous hail damage. So, to appease her, we replaced it in 2003 with another on (which I have not put up yet!)

Meanwhile, I acquired a 77 Ford Pickup in 2003, and went to pick it up in November. Since it had mechanical problems, it lasted last than 24 hours of our road trip. We abandoned it in Oregon, rented a car, and drove home. I did, in fact, receive a refund for it. I purchased another 74 Ford Pickup in early 2004. It was a non-runner, and I could not get the engine unfrozen. So I sold it. Don't know what happened to it. Sometime that spring I had bid on and not won a 73 Chevy Cheyenne pickup. It did not sell, and the owner contacted me. Since it was in the same small town outside of Indianapolis, IN where my brother lives, I had him go look at it, and then my good friend Mark Pelham also offered to go look at it. He gave it a clean bill of health, and now it's here!

In October of 2004 I got close to another truck, a 52! I had been watching this thing for over a year, as it was sitting in a driveway. The original owner sold his house, and left the truck there. So then I found the new owner, and came close to buying it. Even though I waved cash in front of his nose, he wouldn't take it, wanting more. More than I thought I should give or really had to give. Perhaps, if I already didn't have the TR7, I might have gone for it. But I don't have room for it, or the time!

I have always sort of messed around with cars; started out working on lawnmowers when I was about 11. In fact, a neighbor gave me a lawnmower he couldn't fix; I spent $10 on parts and my dad ran it for 8 years. Of course, years later, a neighbor gave me a lawnmower he couldn't keep running, and I couldn't fix it.

I love cars; I love being around cars, and I think my dream job would be to run the IS department for a group of auto repair shops that also do antique car restoration. I think most of us in this business are pretty mechanical. It's part of the mentality!

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