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yes, I converted to a tube shock years ago. I installed the Werace brand which attaches to the body work inside the fender and uses 4"x6" backing plates on both sides of the sheet metal. I have autocrossed and road raced my car and have probably put 50,000 miles on it since the installation.

The plus side is that it does improve handling over old lever shocks. They can be upgraded to whatever shock your wallet can handle and as of yet, I have found no wrinkling of the car's sheet metal where they are installed.

On the negative side is: If you autocross in SCCA or at a Triumph regional the car is theoretically upgraded to a more competitive class. If the car was to ever be dropped or bottomed out sufficiently hard enough there would be a possibility of damage to the body where my upper shocks mount. (of course the whole car would most likely be damaged as well) I think Roadster Factory has a replacement that uses both the upper and lower mounts from the original lever shocks.

Having said all this if I were to do it again, I would probably have had my lever shocks overhauled or replaced with new and I know several racers who use heavier weights of oil to improve handling. I don't remember what the original lever oil is supposed to be but the leaks can be stopped and the ride adjusted by new seals and firmed up by using a different hydraulic.

good luck,,,,,,,,,,len

I replaced the shocks on our 76 TR6 last year. A friend has a set of mounting brackets, but no tube shocks, which I was going to use. I decided to replace with leaver shocks from Apple Hydraulics instead.

The situation as I remember it is that I would have had to buy tube shocks from one of our supplies, Roster Factor, Moss, etc, and I thought they were too expensive for what I was getting. To buy off the shelf shocks at Sears, etc would mean that a person would have to know the length of shock, the length of travel, and find a single bolt shock for the top and bottom. Way too much for me to figure out!

I am not sure, but I think if tube shocks are on the car it goes in modified for autocross. Shocks by themselves will not make the car fast enough to compete in modified.

So the end result is that I put the lever shocks on. I can't really say I found much improvement with the new rebuilt shocks. The old ones were not leaking but I did not think they offered much resistance. Others suggested putting a heaver oil in the old shock to stiffen them, but I did not do that. Now I wish I had.

If you look in the catalogs from the supplies you will find they have a kit, which includes the brackets and shocks. If you find a shock that you can use, I think my friend will sell his brackets.

I hope this helps.

Dave Fox

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