1963 Triumph TR4 with overdrive

documented 3 owner car

$12,500 or best offer

On March 27th, 1963 the original owner traded in a 1956 Volkswagon and a 1960 Renault to purchase this car from Walt Powell Motor Co of Greenville, SC. He sold it on April 30th, 1982 to Ronal Unger, II, of North Carolina. I purchased the car in December of 2011. The car is an early TR4 and very close to a TR3.

Car comes with a clear Texas title - CT9683 LO

Engine is 9957E

car was built mid 1962, sold and licensed in 1963

For more information on the Triumph TR4

I have the original sales receipt; the release of lien, and the transfer sheet that the original buyer made out to the second owner. I also have the receipt for when the original owner got the gages recalibrated for the rear axle and tires.

Except for a little bit of rust on one rocker panel, the car is completely rust free. The frame, floorpans and trunk show no rust. All electrics work without issue. The front parking lights are wired to go on when the car is turned on. The headlights and rear parking lights are activated by a switch on the dashboard. The brake lights and blinkers work as well.

On these cars the entire convertible top is removed and put in the trunk. This car has a nice wood box to store the top or the tonneau cover preventing them from being damaged by the contents of the trunk. Either the tonneau cover or the convertible top fit nicely in this box. It also acts as a lid for the spare tire storage area. I am including a mallet for the wire wheel knockoffs and a sissor jack. There was no jack included with the car when I bought it. There is a powder coated wire wheel spare with a brand new tire that has never been on the road.

When I purchased it the lower end needed rebuilding so we put in 89 mm pistons to go with the existing mild cam, lightened flywheel and shaved head. The block was cleaned and repainted. It has the spin on oil filter adapter. The original mechanical fan is long gone; we replaced the old electric fan with a modern electric one which is linked to a thermostat in the radiator and goes on automatically. The header has been ceramic coated and the chrome bumpers were redone about 10 years ago; the overriders were replaced with new. All the electrics work just fine and the battery is brand new, purchased in July of this year. The horns are aftermarket and plenty loud. Not sure what happened to the horn button and assembly; a working horn button is on the transmission tunnel.

The water pump and all hydraulics were replaced after I purchased the car and it now uses DOT 5 silicone brake fluid. The car stops very well and shifts smoothly going in and out of all four gears plus the overdrive engages and disengages with no problem using the lever on the steering column. The overdrive transmission was rebuilt by a British car shop here in Dallas about 5 years ago and is in excellent shape. The mechanical fuel pump was replaced by an electric fuel pump by a previous owner; I have since replaced it with a new one. It is under the trunk in the back.

The car was originally black with a red interior but has been repainted by the previous owner in an early 80's Pontiac red. I have a bottle of touchup paint that came with the car that shows the paint code. The white interior was probably installed in the 80s as well and is in very good shape. The white metal dash and padded dash are in good condition. There is a major crack in the center of the padded dash while the white metal dash needs to be repainted. There are some odd holes in the metal dash; I was told the original owner liked to run rallies and these holes may be from rally gauges. The speedometer was reset when we rebuilt the transmission so true mileage is unknown; all gauges work correctly and as expected.

I replaced the convertible top and the carpeting when I got the car so they are in very good shape along with some nice rubber Triumph floor mats. The vinyl convertible top was made in England and the rear window unzips. We put down dynamat for some sound and heat insulation; this is shown in the pictures. It has a rebuilt and recurved distributor with a Petronix electronic ignition and the carburetors were rebuilt as well. The radiator looks to have been custom made by a previous owner and works just fine even in the Texas heat.

The factory generator and voltage regulator were replaced with an alternator and electronic voltage regulator by one of the previous owners. It also has tramp bars for the rear axle and a front sway bar. It has 5.5 x 15 inch chrome wire wheels and slightly lower profile tires purchased in 2020. The tires are just a few years old with excellent tread and not many miles on them. The entire front suspension has been redone along with high performance brake pads; the rear lever shocks were rebuilt with heavy duty damping valves.

The car has those 2 weird backup lights that were cut into the trunk. They are activated by a switch under the dash. Included in the sale are some nice spare parts including two new door handles, a new TR4 trunk emblem, some TRIUMPH letters, two steering wheel emblems, etc., and replacement hood and trunklid, all shown in the pictures.

The car is located in Richardson, Texas, near Dallas. I will do whatever I can to help your shipper pick up and deliver this car.

If you are interested in this car please send me your phone number and I will call or text you back. If the ad is up this car is still available. Scammers and general lowlifes please don't waste my time or yours. I will not respond to "is this car still available" or other nonsense. If you're interested in this car please send me your phone number. I will not respond to any other emails.

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