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2006 Honda Accord


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I was looking for pricing information on my son's car when I found this. 27,000+ miles in Arizona. So I bought it. It is yet another V6, with a 6 speed manual, which makes it a little special. For a short time, we had three of these cars here!
As you can see, it has the special wheels.
Pretty much immaculate except for one small scrape on the hood
Interior is gorgeous; floor matts and everything
Even the engine compartment is really clean
I'm really enjoying having this car. It's like having a brand new car.

Jump forward a few years and here we are at 56,000 miles. Quite a jump for the 27,000 that were on it when i got it.
an exterior shot; not sure why or when i took this. but here it is! still pretty clean body wise.

Now we are up to 64,000 miles at some point in 2019. Car is getting some use but still quite young for a Honda.
Had to buy another set of tires fo this thing. Probably my second set. I am pretty sure I replaced the tires almost immediately; I think its likely the tires that came on it were already out of date. And given the mileage that makes sense.
July 2020

Now it is up to 74,000 miles. Not surprising although we are now in the Covid 19 era and it is not getting driven so much.
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