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2006 Honda Accord


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Review of 2007 Honda Accord This review talks about what a great car this is. It does not mention, however, that the stock tires suck! They do. I replaced them and was immediately glad i did.
This car just came home. It's Sunday, July 6th, 2008. The car was a Florida Lease, and had 21,000 plus miles on it when i picked it up outside of Atlanta.
You may wonder why go all the way to Atlanta to pick up a Honda. Well, there are Hondas, and there are Hondas. This is a V6, which makes it a little special.
The V6 cars all come with the nice leather interior. This one is black.
But here's the key: the 6 speed manual! They only made this combination in 2006 and 2007. V6 and 6 speed manual transmission. So, this is a special, fun to drive, interesting car. And hard to find.
Here's the key right here: notice the red V6 on the back? That's the only sign that this is an unusual car. That tells you its a 6 speed manual. The automatic transmission cars carry a black V6 emblem.

Here is the other key: these wheels are unique to the 6 speed cars; the automatics have ucky wheels . . .
Now, I will readily admit that I am being somewhat of a hypocrite here. My theory of life has been to buy a almost disposable daily driver so that all those nicks, dents, and scratches don't bother you. And for the last 3 1/2 years that's what I did. And luckily so, since that car is now in the junkyard. I was on the hunt for a suitable replacement. The old car was a 4 cylinder linked to a 5 speed transmission. And, a leather interior.
Now, if you're thinking, you'll realize that the leather interior was not all that common with the 5 speed tranny - who wants to shift? (Besides me?) The leather interior was only available with the EX model - sun roof, all the extras. In Honda jargon, they are called an EXL. They are around, but somewhat difficult to find.
I had always wondered if there was some way to put the V6/6 speed combination, readily available in the coupe (2 door) into the 4 door. I never knew they actually did that. And the last time I looked for a Honda, about 3 1/2 years ago, it was not a possibility.
So when I discovered that this combination did, in fact, exist, which I doubted until I found one here in Dallas, I was thrilled! I wasn't really going to do it, but I was really having trouble finding that elusive 5 speed manual/leather combination. I had come close, but they kept slipping through my fingers.
Frustrated, I said what the heck and went to buy a black V6/6 speed here in Dallas. But is was already sold. Which was fortunate, because it was black with a tan interior. I'm sorry - I think that's ugly. And it had 35k miles on it. So I went back to searching for the 5 speeds.
Curiously enough, I found one in Atlanta. Which was OK, since we were dropping off my son at The University of Alabama over July 4th weekend. A couple more hours driving and we could be there. So I clicked through to their website to see more details about the car. And there it was. Silver V6/6 speed. I picked up the phone and bought it. Done deal.
So here it is. And now its in my driveway. And I'm driving it. And loving it! Driving it home was great! It is an amazing car! A four door sports car! Imagine doing 80 on the freeway, you get slowed down, drop from 6 to 5 to 4 and punch it. Off you go!
The problem is that now I am driving a car I love and cherish. Which means I'll have to be careful where I park it. Where I drive it. And I'll be upset if it gets scratched. Or dented. Or dinged.
Had to do one little bit of customization. Supposedly, a cold air intake gives you more horsepower and better mileage. So we took out the old . . .
And here it is, ready for the trash can.
And here is the nice, new cold air intake, in place, ready to rip, snort, and do its thing! You actually can hear it, especially under hard acceleration. And, my last reading, it went from 18 to 19 mpg. We'll see if that keeps up.
Well, my mileage varies from 19 to 17. Do very little highway driving, so I'll never get up into the 20's. And with gas prices down below $1.50, I guess that's OK. There's definitely a price for performance!
Got new tires about a month or so ago. Had some pretty serious issues with the ones on there - I think I spotted a bubble or cracked sidewall or something. So I had to replace them. Makes a HUGE difference! Those OEM tires suck! Btw am almost at 29k miles. So very kewl - I was so used to the white one with 140k+ miles!!!
I have discovered that if I keep the car around 3000 rpm i get about 20 mpg, except when my son is home; he hits the accelerator hard and i drop a couple mpg. what price love . . . it's nice to have him home.

1/30/2011 - been quite a while since I had anything to write about this car. It now has 67,000+ miles on it.

During a very cold spell a few weeks ago, i had a bit of a problem - the car just shut off. Fortunately, this happened at the park n ride while I was picking up Sue (Wife). Opened the hood and found this! By sliding the battery over and creating some tension I made it the 2+ blocks home, and then it died right in front of the garage door!

All these years with no tie down of the battery finally came to this! That ground cable was holding in the battery.
Kind of funny - I took the MGB to AutoZone to pick up a battery hold down and an end. Put on the end (I use a small sledgehammer), put on the tie down, and I'm good to go!
did a little off roading, kind of. traffic was completely backed up on the freeway, so I took an unofficial exit, right behind a pickup. He got into the mud and spun a wheel. I think its kind of funny, actually!
6/24/2011 - Time for new tires, at least somewhat. Put new ones on the front, and put the front ones on the rear. Still really need new ones on the rear. soon . . .
3/3/13 - hit a big milestone!!!!
    Speed Bleeders
  • Front - SB10125
  • Rear - SB10125 (drum brakes are different)
  • Clutch - SB8125L
Just an update. Here is the mileage now.
Took it to the Honda dealer today and had the steering rack replaced. Monday January 4th, it went to a new owner.
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