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1993 Mercury Capri


UPDATE : 6/10/03 - see below!!!
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   In 1989 or 1990, we were living in Florida when Mercury introduced the new Mercury Capri. It was a wild little two seater convertible with a token back seat, perfect for the man with a young family.

Economically we were not doing that well, and all I could do was dream.
   Fast forward to a few years later (late 1993), we were living in Houston and I was driving a 1959 Chevy four door as a daily driver. (That is a whole other story!)

The repairs were costing us, on average, about $250 per month or more. Some months it worked OK; other months it went into the shop. The biggest problem was that it always took several days to find parts for that car.
   Getting a loaner car to drive all the time was hard. So, we decided to replace it. I went up to the dealership, with the wife and my son to check out the car and see what they had. She hated it - she thought it was too claustrophobic inside.
 But i ended up buying it. So, for many years, this was my daily driver.
   In Houston it was a great car to have because there were so many winter days when it was warm enough at lunch time to put the top down.
It's been a great car - it's turbocharged and lots of fun to drive. It's now almost 10 years old and has about 90,000 miles on it. It is just a weekend car - I couldn't bear to part with it!
   As you can see from the pics, it's still in great shape, has all the original stickers on it, and I plan to keep it just about forever!

Obtained another pair of original wheels and have a brand new set of tires (just need to have them mounted). I now have a full size spare!!!

My son and I went on a cross country cruise in this car in April of 2001
   Pictures of it with the top down - the best part!!!
Here we are, poised to hit the big six-figures! Notice the trip odometer - its a 1.6 liter engine !
For those of you who wonder how many miles these things are good for - check this out - we went over 100,000 miles!
Big day for us! We all got in the car and rode! and posed!
We just got back from aother big trip in the Capri!!!!!!! Check it out here
Lots of fun things to talk about here! Like what you can do in the back of a Capri when its raining! Or, let's talk about those electric window switches! All of sudden, you are without windows! If you are lucky like me, they get stuck up. But that stinks, too! There are just too many drive thrus to have a car with non functional windows!

Yes, it happened to me! On that trip to Natchez and Vicksburg! It was OK, because it rained most of the time. But, still, I was not happy with the situation. So I contacted a few of my buddies (Thanks, Paul!), and got the instructions. Two words. Be Careful.
Fortunately, I have two doors I pulled from a parts car. So I started with the switch from it. I could not figure out how the thing came apart (maybe I should have looked in the manual!), and was in the process of cracking the piece when my 13 year old son (they are SO precious) asked me why I was not taking the middle screw out. Duh.

Those switches come apart pretty easily, are not too hard to clean, but you really have to be careful when you put them back together. It took me several tries with the both the spare and the good switch to get them back together and working properly. Piece of cake!
OK. Now lets talk about idiocy in parking lots. About big SUV's against poor little defenseless Capris! Yes, this was a Land Rover Discovery, driven by a woman who clearly does not watch where she is going. So my poor little car is all scratched up. The estimate? Something like $1400 to fix all this. Using "used" parts, whatever that means. I know I can get them for less. I already have a spare tail lens - I paid $35 for it!
Now I am replacing the broken driving lights on the car. It's been like 8 years since they worked. Finally pulled one out - it was really easy - and called Pat at Mid County Mustang. He has the parts and they are on the way. Apparently the original parts were a special order part from some overseas manufacturer and the exact replacement pieces are no longer available. But he's got a close match, plus, in the future I can get replacement lenses!
Had a little trouble - no light! I check the voltage with my meter - you have to have one of those! I'm getting virtually no voltage. So I call Pat, and he says "check the fuse box." There's a fuse, plainly marked 'FOG.' So I do. It's blown. I replace the fuse, and voila! I've got about 12 volts to the lights. Now I have to actually put them in!

Which I did and they worked for a number of years.
At about 120,000 miles I sold the car. It needed a new air conditioning compressor, some body work, and the radio quit working. We saw it around for about a year. We miss it.
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   Finding parts for it is a little hard; I use eBay or The Capri Connection, and Pat at Mid County Mustang

 Special thanks to Mid-County Mustang for some of those parts! and to Capri Collin for others.

I put together some instructions for putting the top down on this car. Two different people asked me how inside of one week!!!
 Eleven years after production the estimates of surviving Capris is about 50%.

If Ford produced 66,000 in six years Capris then there are appox. 33,000 still on the road & in use.

As the years pass the number of remaining Capris will decrease sharply as they continue to age, require replacement parts, need for repair & parts become more difficult to locate.
 Mechanically, it is a 1989 Mazda 323 GT. The Mazda part numbers are identical to the part numbers in the Ford manual.  Concerning original owners, Pat at Mid County Mustang, who speaks to Capri people who call in for parts, very few are original owners. His estimate is less than 10%
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